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Pope Francis’ reform of the marriage nullity trials: The possible impact in Italy

Pursuant to the Concordat between Italy and the Holy See, a canonical marriage has also civil effects, and so has a canonical judgment declaring such marriage null. To obtain a judgement of this kind in the ecclesiastical forum is relatively easy, since you only need to prove that, at the moment of the marriage, you … Continue reading

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The Italian pensions: Back and forth, back and forth…

In 2011, when Italy looked on the verge of bankruptcy, the first significant act of Mario Monti’s technocratic Government was to enact the Fornero Law which introduced much more stringent requirements to go into retirement. Obviously there were some collateral effects with enterprises forced to keep on their payroll aged employees who in many cases … Continue reading


Renzi’s “Good School” reform

The Italian school system is for the most part owned and managed by the State. For decades it has been plagued with problems, the main one being bad working conditions for teachers. The Government launched a “Good School” reform which should give teachers permanent rather than temporary positions, a small allowance to increase their preparedness and a merit … Continue reading