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Maradona cleared of tax avoidance accusation

  Legendary Argentinian football player Diego Armando Maradona won a long lawsuit against the Italian treasury, which was accusing him of tax avoidance. The treasury had asked Mr. Maradona to pay 40 million euros. The Central Tax Commission, an Italian administrative tribunal, quashed some tax injunctions issued by the Italian Internal Revenue Service against Mr. … Continue reading

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Costa Concordia helmsman ‘escaped’

  Grossetto District Attorney’s Office is going to close the official investigation on the Costa Concordia disaster. The Cruise ship sank on January 13th 2012 along the coast of the Giglio Island, near Tuscany. Prosecutor Francesco Verusio said the investigation is already concluded, but must be officially closed and will hopefully result in some indictments. … Continue reading

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Strain between Italian President and Mafia prosecutors

Acting on a official request by the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, the Constitutional Court yesterday ordered the Palermo District Attorney’s Office to destroy some tapes recording conversations between the President and Mr. Nicola Mancino. Mr. Nicola Mancino is a former Minister of the Interior and President of the Italian Senate. The taping of Mr. Mancino’s … Continue reading