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Muslim Miss Italy contestant threatened

Ahlam El Brinis, an immigrant from Marocco living near Treviso, in North-Eastern Italy, will take part to the pre-final of Miss Italy in Jesolo. Just like most contestants, she is already working as a model, something posing in alluring clothes. She is a non-practicing Muslim, but┬áthat was enough to draw insults, criticism and even threats … Continue reading

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Italy’s internal and external front

With the Sicily Channel in flames, a counter-terrorism operation underway in many provinces and an Italian relief worker killed by a US┬ádrone, there can be little doubt that Italy is on the forefront. In these cases you would need some internal cohesion, which unsurprisingly is lacking. The relationship of the Government with the opposition and … Continue reading

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Italian nuns “killed by local intelligence” in Burundi

Olga Raschietti, Lucia Pulici and Bernardetta Boggian were three Italian nuns assassinated in their mission in Burundi between 7 and 8 September 2014. The local Authorities arrested a local man who was charged with raping and killing the three women. The results of the official investigation, however, did not satisfy the Saverian Order to which … Continue reading

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Italian Government declassifies Ilaria Alpi case

In one of his first official acts, the Renzi Government declassified all the documents related to the Ilaria Alpi case. Mrs Alpi was a State TV journalist killed in Somalia in 1994 in mysterious circumstances. Somalia was an exceptionally resilient Italian colony, left under Italian administration by the British occupying authorities and afterwards by the … Continue reading

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Italian ‘killed inmate’ case, cops acquitted amid protests

The Rome Criminal Court acquitted three Penitentiary Police officers accused of harassing to death young inmate Stefano Cucchi. Five medics were instead found guilty of minor charges. The crowd listening to the reading of the judgment shouted: ‘Assassins ! Assassins !’ Mrs Ilaria Cucchi, the victim’s sister, stated: ‘I won’t surrender, this is an unfair … Continue reading