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Muslim Miss Italy contestant threatened

Ahlam El Brinis, an immigrant from Marocco living near Treviso, in North-Eastern Italy, will take part to the pre-final of Miss Italy in Jesolo. Just like most contestants, she is already working as a model, something posing in alluring clothes. She is a non-practicing Muslim, but that was enough to draw insults, criticism and even threats … Continue reading

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Can the Florence flooding reconcile Italy with its immigrants?

Let’s face it, the Italians have grown sick and tired of the immigration across the Sicily Channel, right or wrong. In a country with little colonial history, racism is always lurking in the shadows, and the moderate political parties are being unable to compete with the incendiary rhetoric of the rightist ones. Now, Florence was hit by … Continue reading

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Sicily Channel crisis, UN say no to EU approach

In an interview to the Italian newspaper La Stampa, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon criticized the “Somali approach” adopted by the EU Council to tackle the Sicily Channel emergency. Mr Ban stated: “No military solution exists for the human tragedy that is taking place in the Mediterranean. It is crucial to adopt a comprehensive approach taking … Continue reading

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Italy’s internal and external front

With the Sicily Channel in flames, a counter-terrorism operation underway in many provinces and an Italian relief worker killed by a US drone, there can be little doubt that Italy is on the forefront. In these cases you would need some internal cohesion, which unsurprisingly is lacking. The relationship of the Government with the opposition and … Continue reading

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The Sicily Channel graveyard

Yesterday the Italian Navy, aided by merchant ships and fishing boats, saved 200 illegal immigrants whose ship had sunk. At least other 200 couldn’t be saved, however. It is only the last of a string of tragic accidents happening in the Sicily Channel, leading the Italian Government to deploy the Navy in force. The Sicily Channel could become … Continue reading