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Italian 100-year-old gets compensation for WWII rape

An Italian 100-year-old woman was awarded a compensation by the Italian Court of Auditors for a rape she was subjected to during WWII. In 1944 the woman, who was then 27, was raped by French colonial troops during the Italian campaign. Colonial troops were widely used by Free France, since the French metropolitan territory was … Continue reading

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The national security implications of a shootout in the Tribunal of Milan

Yesterday a man who had been declared bankrupt by the Court (despite recent reforms, bankruptcy in Italy is still considered a calamity rather than a protection) entered the Milan Court Building presenting a fake Bar ID card and shot a judge, a lawyer and a witness before being arrested by the police. The Tribunal of … Continue reading

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Italian Courts and science, a troubled relationship

After the retracted judicial endorsement to the Stamina method and the infamous judgement which found the members of a Government Committee guilty of “non foreseeing an earthquake”, the Italian Courts shock the scientific community again. The Tribunal of Milan ordered the Ministry of Health to indemnify the family of a child “made autistic by a vaccine”. … Continue reading

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Italian Constitutional Court defies UN Hague Court over German crimes during WWII

    Solving a prejudicial question submitted by the Florence Court, the Italian Constitutional Court ruled that Germany cannot claim sovereign immunity in Italian Courts in suits related to crimes committed during World War II, despite a judgement by the Hague UN International Court of Justice reaffirming such immunity. The Constitutional Court, while not questioning … Continue reading

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Italian judiciary abandons Stamina

Amid skepticism by the scientific community, the Italian Court were the main supporters of Stamina, a controversial experimental therapy protocol for neurodegenerative diseases introduces by Mr Davide Vannoni’s foundation. In more than one case, the Courts ordered the Health Authorities to apply the protocol, but now their position looks completely different, with the Turin District Attorney’s … Continue reading

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First ever recognition of foreign gay marriage in Italy

For a foreign marriage to have legal effects in Italy, you have to register it in the Civil Register, kept by the Municipalities as State Offices. If your marriage is a gay one, the Registrar will refuse to register it citing a contrast with the fundamental principles of Italian law, a stance upheld by the … Continue reading