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Italian 100-year-old gets compensation for WWII rape

An Italian 100-year-old woman was awarded a compensation by the Italian Court of Auditors for a rape she was subjected to during WWII. In 1944 the woman, who was then 27, was raped by French colonial troops during the Italian campaign. Colonial troops were widely used by Free France, since the French metropolitan territory was … Continue reading

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Costa Crociere asked to pay huge sums to the Italian State

After losing a half billion euros ships, the shipping company Costa Crociere is being presented a really frightening bill by the Italian State. Various public Entities are knocking to the Court door asking to be refunded of expenditures or damages to reputation. The Prime Minister’s Office wants 10 millions for the damage to Italy’s reputation. … Continue reading

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Italian student expelled by University due to bureaucratic inefficiency

Our series on the crisis of the Italian University system looks doomed to continue. After the student who was allowed to graduate without passing a single exam, another student was thrown out due to incorrect information he had received from a University clerk. The student failed to pay his fees on time and was therefore … Continue reading