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Italy at odds with Libya and Israel

The Mediterranean basin is proving unfriendly to Italy, with Libya and Israel both having complaints against Rome. The Libyan Government in Tobruk has accused the Italian Navy of violating “its” territorial waters with “three warships”. The Italian Ministry of Defense flatly denied the claim, but in the meantime an Italian cemetery in Tripoli was ransacked. … Continue reading

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Italy supports Rossi in Marquez row

The President of the Italian Olympic Committee, Giovanni Malagò, harshly criticized the penalty imposed by the International Motorcycling Federation to Valentino Rossi, the famous Italian racer of the Yamaha Team. Mr Rossi will be forced to start the last race of the world championship, to be held in Valencia, Spain, from the last position of the … Continue reading

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Italian Grand Prix at risk

The Local Authorities of Monza, where the Grand Prix of Italy has traditionally been held, are negotiating with FIA, the International Automobile Federation, to avoid the cancellation of the historic race. The reason is simple: FIA wants more money. The Federation is not going to spare the race just for historic reasons, other traditional Gran … Continue reading


Italian diver Tania Cagnotto wins World Championship gold

After so many victories, the Italian diver Tania Cagnotto has won her first gold medal at the World Championships in Kazan, Russia, finally beating the nearly unstoppable Chinese athletes. No Italian athlete had won a gold medal at the Swimming World Championships since 1975. Miss Cagnotto is the daughter of two swimming champions, Giorgio Cagnotto … Continue reading

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Italian dressage champion expelled by Federation for abusing his horse to death

Paolo Margi, a former Olympic champion and trainer of dressage, was expelled by the Italian Horse Sports Federation for abusing to death a horse called Flambo by training him improperly and treating him with harmful drugs. Mr Margi was found guilty of abuse of an animal by a Court in Milan after having being acquitted for … Continue reading