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Italian researcher discovers most ancient Koran in the world

Alba Fedeli, an Italian researcher at the University of Birmingham, has discovered  the oldest fragment of the Koran in the world in the University archive. The fragment dates back to the VI or VII century: an incredible datation since, according to the Muslim tradition, the Prophet Muhammad was dictated the Holy Book by God in the VII century. … Continue reading

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Italian website to order pizza in millionaire sale

Christian Sarcuni, the young Italian owner of the website, sold it to the German group Rocket Internet for an undisclosed millionaire sum. The website allow users to order a pizza delivery from a network of pizzerias in Northern Italy. Italian pizzerias typically are not part of any franchise but are similar to restaurants, and … Continue reading

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Italian Courts and science, a troubled relationship

After the retracted judicial endorsement to the Stamina method and the infamous judgement which found the members of a Government Committee guilty of “non foreseeing an earthquake”, the Italian Courts shock the scientific community again. The Tribunal of Milan ordered the Ministry of Health to indemnify the family of a child “made autistic by a vaccine”. … Continue reading

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Italian top scientists debate existence of God

The Italian press published some excerpts of a book by Mr Umberto Veronesi, a famed Italian oncologist and a former Minister of Health. Mr Veronesi was also President of the Italian Agency for Nuclear Safety. According to Mr Veronesi “just like Auschwitz, cancer to me became evidence of the non existence of God”. The anticipations triggered … Continue reading