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The reaction of the Italian Church to the Charamsa case

The reaction of the Holy See to the shocking coming out by the Rev. Krzysztof Charamsa is already known: he will be stripped of his assignments in the Vatican and its Universities. The Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera interviewed Cardinal Camillo Ruini, the Vicar of Rome, a conservative and one of the most influential prelates … Continue reading

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Italian Minister of Education angered at wild rumors about LGBT plot in State schools

Yesterday the Italian Minister of Education Stefania Giannini warned that the Government is ready to press charges against anyone affirming that the recent school reform will expose the children to “gender theories” in the State schools. The rumors were triggered by a provision of the reform about sex education, which was further clarified by the Government … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ reform of the marriage nullity trials: The possible impact in Italy

Pursuant to the Concordat between Italy and the Holy See, a canonical marriage has also civil effects, and so has a canonical judgment declaring such marriage null. To obtain a judgement of this kind in the ecclesiastical forum is relatively easy, since you only need to prove that, at the moment of the marriage, you … Continue reading

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Rome’s embarrassing funerals (or lack thereof)

Funerals are becoming a nightmare for the Vicariate of Rome, the division of the Catholic Church in charge of the city of Rome under the supervision of the Bishop of Rome, id est the Pope. The Italian and international press are giving extensive coverage to the lavish funeral of Vittorio Casamonica, a boss of the local organized … Continue reading


Church Synod to reconsider the position of divorced Catholics

The Holy See made public the Instrumentum Laboris (working document) approved by the Bishops’ Synod in view of the prosecution of its works. The most significant paragraphs of the controversial document are related to the condition of divorced Catholics, who are currently unable to receive the Sacraments. The document starts from a more accurate analysis of … Continue reading

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The Concordat between Italy and Holy See and the Gay Prides in Rome

Article 2, paragraph 4 of the Concordat between Italy and the Holy See reads: “The Italian Republic recognizes the particular significance that Rome, as the episcopal seat of the Holy Pontiff, wields for Catholicity”. In the past, this paragraph was cited against the organization of Gay Prides in the Italian capital, leading to a refusal by … Continue reading

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Are the Pope and his prelates playing good cop, bad cop?

The Vatican secretary of State Pietro Parolin commented the Irish referendum on gay marriage in Apocalyptic tones, labeling it as a “defeat for all mankind”. The Pope, who is considered somehow sympathetic to LGBT rights, remained silent. If Cardinal Parolin’s words had come from another prelate, the press would have presented them as yet another … Continue reading

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Pope Francis: Revolution or maquillage?

Just after the rejection of a gay Ambassador designated by France by his Roman Curia, Pope Francis attacked the “gender ideology” labeling it a symptom of “frustration”. This should not be entirely a surprise: the Catholic doctrine on homosexual acts is clear and, being based on dogmatic elaborations, it is unlikely to change. Nor anybody … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ condemnation of Armenian genocide embarrasses Italian Government

During a Solemn Mass dedicated to the Armenian “martyrdom”, Pope Francis called the anti-Armenian campaign by the Turkish Authorities at the end of World War II a “genocide” comparable to the Nazi one and to Stalin’s purges in the Soviet Union. The reaction from Ankara was predictably angry, with the Turkish Ambassador to the Holy … Continue reading