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Italian Masterchef judge in amatriciana row

  Amatriciana is a well-known pasta sauce made with… well, I won’t dare telling it since even Carlo Cracco, a very famous chef and a judge in the Italian edition of Masterchef, bumped¬†against the overzealous Italian orthodoxy about¬†anything regarding food and recipes. During a TV show, chef Cracco suggested to add garlic to the amatriciana … Continue reading

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Berlusconi’s girlfriend doesn’t want beautiful former Minister back in party

Mr Berlusconi has long insisted that his female acquaintances do not interfere in any way with his political and institutional duties. A recent episode, while relatively minor, proves him wrong. Mrs Nunzia De Girolamo was one of Berlusconi’s “amazzoni” before being appointed Minister of Agriculture by Mr Letta and switching to Deputy Prime Minister Alfano’s … Continue reading

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Italian ‘Principality’ mints coin

  Euro is not very popular in Italy right now, blamed as it is of the crisis and the austerity. Someone advocates leaving euro altogether, but more subtle attempts to substitute the ¬†European currency with a more Italian one are underway. In Northern regions, the local Governments are considering the possibility to print a ‘parallel … Continue reading

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Italian student escapes University to enlist in French Foreign Legion

Did he take the last data on the decline of the Italian University system too seriously ? Mr. Daniele Giovanni Mancuso, a 26 years old young man from Sicily, was indeed enrolled in the prestigious Turin Polytechnic School, when he suddenly disappeared in January. To find him, his family approached the police and even the … Continue reading

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Not what he was hoping for: beautiful journalist grills Berlusconi

The revenge of girl power ? Since his comeback, Berlusconi began a TV marathon, finding on his route only complacent journalists. Even the leftist Michele Santoro and Marco Travaglio, once considered Mr. Berlusconi’s arch-nemesis, proved unable or unwilling to check the Cavaliere’s TV charisma. On Monday, Mr. Berlusconi was a guest on the ‘Lo spoglio’ … Continue reading