The agony of Berlusconi’s party

Mario Mantovani, the Deputy-Governor and Minister of Health of Lombardy, was arrested on Tuesday on charges of corruption, extortion and tempering with public procurement procedures. Mr Mantovani was one of the last strongmen of Berlusconi’s agonizing Go Italy party. Most of the Cavaliere’s lieutenants defected, the last one being Denis Verdini who was instrumental in … Continue reading


Italian senator invents “e-filibustering”

To stop or at least delay the Boschi Bill, the Government-sponsored reform of the Italian Constitution, the opposition is turning filibustering into an art, but the real masterpiece must be attributed to senator Roberto Calderoli (Northern League), who put together old politics and technology. Mr Calderoli is using a software to randomly generate hundreds of thousand amendments, … Continue reading

Economy / Politics

Are the Italian economic reforms working?

Despite some controversy over the data, various signals point at a recovery of the Italian economy. For example, the figures recently resealed by the National Social Security Institute indicate that about 700,000 new permanent jobs were created in 2015. The Democratic Party of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi will be eager to claim merit for this alleged … Continue reading