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Ryanair plane makes emergency landing in Italy

Italian skies keep proving tricky for Irish low cost airline Ryanair. After the recent legal troubles, yesterday a Ryanair plane arriving from Valencia, Spain, to the Bergamo airport near Milan was forced to make an emergency landing in Genoa due to a pressure problem. The captain, pursuant to emergency protocols, activated the oxygen masks, sparking … Continue reading

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BBC President Lord Patten: ‘Italian TV is trash’

BBC Trust President Lord Patten had to defend the renowned British public television service during a hearing of the Culture, Media and Sport Committe of the House of Commons, after the BBC was engulfed in the Saville pedophilia scandal. Lord Patten stuck to the motto ‘the best defense is attack’ by stating: ‘Whoever thinks the … Continue reading

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Italian maverick politician tells cops to join protesters

Mr. Beppe Grillo, a former comedian, is the leader and spokesman of the Five Stars Movement, a maverick political group which advocates the dissolution of political parties and the introduction of ‘digital direct democracy’. The Movement main media outlet is Mr. Grillo’s blogĀ (in Italian). After today’s anti-austerity riots in many Italian cities, Mr. Grillo told … Continue reading