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War on terror, is the Italian Air Force up to the task?

On the Italian edition of the Huffington Post, journalist and researcher Roberto Colella wonders whether the Italian Air Force can really give a meaningful contribution to the international air campaign against the IslamicĀ State. Such a contribution has beenĀ proposed by the Government, reportedly under pressure by the United States, and will be debated by the Parliament. … Continue reading

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Italian 100-year-old gets compensation for WWII rape

An Italian 100-year-old woman was awarded a compensation by the Italian Court of Auditors for a rape she was subjected to during WWII. In 1944 the woman, who was then 27, was raped by French colonial troops during the Italian campaign. Colonial troops were widely used by Free France, since the French metropolitan territory was … Continue reading

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The new marketing by the Italian organized crime

The Italian organized crime was probably born even before the Unification of the country. Thanks to the Italian troubled history, it was easy for the various organizations to establish some kind of political legitimation. Before the Unification, they claimed to be protecting the population against the corrupted and ineffective Governments of the pre-unitary States. After … Continue reading

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The last sex-segregated beach in Italy

In Trieste, near the border between Italy and Slovenia, there is a public beach in which the rules of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire still apply. Men and women sunbath separately, the privacy of each sex protected by a high wall. The place is called Lanterna (“the Lamp”), but the locals call it “Pedocin” (“small lice”). Muslim … Continue reading

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Italians buying less meat: Vegetarian ethics or crisis?

For the first time, the data of the Italian Farmers’ Association showed the Italian families spending more for fruit and vegetables than for meat. The crisis still gripping Italy is probably a major factor, but an incidence of vegetarianism and new health notions cannot be excluded either. Until the Fifties, in Italy meat was a … Continue reading

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Italy and the Middle East

During his official visit to Israel, the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi tried to maintain a balanced position between his host and the Powers which had just concluded the nuclear deal with Iran. The agreement, which is anathema to the Israeli Government, was signed also by the European Union after having being negotiated by its … Continue reading

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Can the Italians like a ruthless Europe?

The Italian reactions to the last-minute Greek deal were fairly predictable. The Government is relieved, the commentators are worried for the future of European integration, the opposition is clamoring against Brussels, Berlin and Athens itself for signing the agreement. The mood of the public is more difficult to detect. If, as it look likely for … Continue reading

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France “tempering with Monte Bianco border”

In the days of the controversy with France over the latter’s decision to seal the Ventimiglia border in order to avoid any passage of immigrants, Italy rediscovered an old controversy related to the demarcation of the Monte Bianco border. The issue dates back to the XIX century. It is a quite surreal history which includes … Continue reading