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Italy at odds with Libya and Israel

The Mediterranean basin is proving unfriendly to Italy, with Libya and Israel both having complaints against Rome. The Libyan Government in Tobruk has accused the Italian Navy of violating “its” territorial waters with “three warships”. The Italian Ministry of Defense flatly denied the claim, but in the meantime an Italian cemetery in Tripoli was ransacked. … Continue reading

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Italy supports Rossi in Marquez row

The President of the Italian Olympic Committee, Giovanni Malagò, harshly criticized the penalty imposed by the International Motorcycling Federation to Valentino Rossi, the famous Italian racer of the Yamaha Team. Mr Rossi will be forced to start the last race of the world championship, to be held in Valencia, Spain, from the last position of the … Continue reading

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Immigration, Italy gets first taste of European solidarity

Nineteen Eritrean asylum seekers were moved from Italy to Sweden under the new European rules on “immigration quotas”. The transfer was voluntary and involved nineteen immigrants who accepted to let themselves be identified. The Italian Government lobbied hard in Brussels for the enactment of the responsibility-sharing rules, and the Minister of the Interior Angelino Alfano … Continue reading

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Italy could bomb Islamic State in Iraq

The Italian Government has announced that the Italian Parliament will debate whether to use the Italian Air Force to bomb the Islamic State in Iraq. The military operations would in no case extend to Syria, where the fight against the Islamic State is made more controversial by the rivalry between Russia and the United States, as … Continue reading

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Italy versus the world

    Everyone wants to bomb Syria, including France. Not Italy, with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi warning against “a new Libya”. Mr Renzi also attacked the European Institutions, which criticized his announcement that the real estate tax will be lowered (Brussels would prefer different fiscal cuts instead). Mr Renzi’s Minister of Transportation, Graziano Delrio, released … Continue reading

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Did the Italian intelligence assassinate the boss of human trafficking in Libya?

Salah Al-Maskhout, a former officer in Gadafi’s army, is a mysterious ghost in the eye of the giant black hole called Libya. Three days ago he was supposed to be the man behind the industry of human trafficking across the Sicily Channel, and to have been killed by a commando on the payroll of the … Continue reading