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The Italian park rangers: Glamour, sci-fi and dissolution

The Italian Forestry Corps is an independence police corps responding to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests. Its park rangers patrol wood and parks, enforce laws protecting animals and perform various other duties. They are full-fledged law enforcement officials with the power to arrest, search, etc., provided of course that the legal conditions are met. … Continue reading

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Drama unfolding in Genoa

After yet another flooding in Genoa, an angry crowd confronted Mayor Marco Doria, who needed a sizable security detail to tour the devastated city. The population blames the chronic lack of maintenance to the sewers and the territory in general for the recurring disasters. The local Archbishop, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, also made a public statement implicating … Continue reading

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Young volunteers defy stereotypes after Genoa flooding

The Italian youngsters are routinely accused of being unwilling to work rather than victims of juvenile unemployment. However, the aftermath of the Genoa flooding saw dozens of youngsters spontaneously cleaning up the mood alongside civilians and soldiers. The Italian Emergency Service, directed by the Prime Minister’s Office and the Regional Government, draws most of its … Continue reading

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The anti-French waves in Italy

Italy and France have long had a love-hate relationship. It’s nothing serious, but there are sporadic clashes. In the past days, for example, France repeatedly suggested that the towing of the Costa Concordia wreck from the Giglo Island to Genoa could pollute the French territorial waters around Corsica. The French Minister of the Environment, Mrs … Continue reading