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What is a “counter drug” in Italy

In Italy a “counter drug”, sometimes referred also as “C Category drug”, is a drug that can be sold without a medical prescription. Despite being relatively innocuous, counter drugs can be sold nearly exclusively in pharmacies. Many observers argue that drugs could be cheaper if they were sold also elsewhere, for example in supermarkets. Indeed, … Continue reading

Culture / Economy

RCS-Mondadori concentration under scrutiny in Italy

The Italian editorial market is considered one of the closest in the world, with few or no room for small independent publishers. This oligarchic system did not bring much prosperity, since in Italy there is an incredibly low number of readers. Against this background Mondadori, the Berlusconi family’s publishing empire, announced that it is going to … Continue reading

Economy / Foreign relations

Italy versus the world

    Everyone wants to bomb Syria, including France. Not Italy, with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi warning against “a new Libya”. Mr Renzi also attacked the European Institutions, which criticized his announcement that the real estate tax will be lowered (Brussels would prefer different fiscal cuts instead). Mr Renzi’s Minister of Transportation, Graziano Delrio, released … Continue reading