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Rome repudiates its VIP parties

Immortalized by Fellini’s famous movie, the Dolce Vita of Rome was portrayed as a sad, decadent affair by Paolo Sorrentino’s “La grande bellezza”. Indeed, Sorrentino’s movie accurately captures the mood now prevailing in Italy: everyone despises the celebrated VIP parties held in Rome. Fausto Bertinotti, the last relevant Italian Communist leader, public apologized for attending … Continue reading

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“Alarming” decrease in vaccinations in Italy

The Italian Higher Health Institute and the Italian Pediatrics Association warned that a growing number of people are not vaccinating themselves or their sons, even snubbing compulsory vaccinations. Dr Alberto Villani, the Director of the Pediatric Ward of Rome’s Hospital “Bambin Gesù”, told the newspaper La Repubblica that the decrease in vaccinations has already been causing … Continue reading

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RCS-Mondadori concentration under scrutiny in Italy

The Italian editorial market is considered one of the closest in the world, with few or no room for small independent publishers. This oligarchic system did not bring much prosperity, since in Italy there is an incredibly low number of readers. Against this background Mondadori, the Berlusconi family’s publishing empire, announced that it is going to … Continue reading

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The new marketing by the Italian organized crime

The Italian organized crime was probably born even before the Unification of the country. Thanks to the Italian troubled history, it was easy for the various organizations to establish some kind of political legitimation. Before the Unification, they claimed to be protecting the population against the corrupted and ineffective Governments of the pre-unitary States. After … Continue reading

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Italian Minister of Education angered at wild rumors about LGBT plot in State schools

Yesterday the Italian Minister of Education Stefania Giannini warned that the Government is ready to press charges against anyone affirming that the recent school reform will expose the children to “gender theories” in the State schools. The rumors were triggered by a provision of the reform about sex education, which was further clarified by the Government … Continue reading


Italian Government hires foreign Directors for its museums

The Italian Ministry of Culture published the list of the new Directors of the major Italian museums, and it proved a real surprise. In twenty new appointees, seven are foreign citizens and three are Italian expatriates. The Ministry clearly made an effort to prove that its choices were not influenced by political patronage. The Uffizi Gallery, probably … Continue reading