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Legal uncertainty on gay families status drags on in Italy

The Government-sponsored Bill on the civil partnerships between homosexual people will not be debated by the Italian Parliament before 2016, since the Chambers are now entering their budget session. Meanwhile the practical regulation of the new family models is left to the Courts which, unsurprisingly, are giving mixed signals. The Council of State, the highest … Continue reading

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Italian 100-year-old gets compensation for WWII rape

An Italian 100-year-old woman was awarded a compensation by the Italian Court of Auditors for a rape she was subjected to during WWII. In 1944 the woman, who was then 27, was raped by French colonial troops during the Italian campaign. Colonial troops were widely used by Free France, since the French metropolitan territory was … Continue reading

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The new marketing by the Italian organized crime

The Italian organized crime was probably born even before the Unification of the country. Thanks to the Italian troubled history, it was easy for the various organizations to establish some kind of political legitimation. Before the Unification, they claimed to be protecting the population against the corrupted and ineffective Governments of the pre-unitary States. After … Continue reading

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Italy to establish “hotspots” for immigrants

Under strong pressure from the European Union and Germany, the Italian Minister of the Interior Angelino Alfano announced that Italy will establish its “hotspots”, id est centers where Italian and EU officials will be able to quickly separate the asylum seekers from ordinary immigrants. However, the latter will not be immediately sent back to their … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ reform of the marriage nullity trials: The possible impact in Italy

Pursuant to the Concordat between Italy and the Holy See, a canonical marriage has also civil effects, and so has a canonical judgment declaring such marriage null. To obtain a judgement of this kind in the ecclesiastical forum is relatively easy, since you only need to prove that, at the moment of the marriage, you … Continue reading

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Kercher case embarrasses Italian police

In the judgment of acquittal of Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox from the charge of murder of Meredith Kercher, the Italian Supreme Court ruthless thrashed the investigators, describing their work as plainly incompetent. The police trade unions did not reply. After all, in Italy the police is tasked with preventing crime, but the criminal investigations are … Continue reading

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The “migrant Republic” in Sicily

In the last year’s of WWII, Northern Italy had its “partisan Republics”, portions of territory under the control of the Resistance. Today near Mineo, Sicily, there is a Reception Center for Asylum Seekers. Surrounded by a fence guarded by the military, it can look like a ghetto, but the reality is different. Indeed it is … Continue reading