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Milan Expo: Was it a success?

The Milan Expo has just ended, and most Italians agree with President Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Matteo Renzi that it was a success, with more than 20 million visitors. A satisfying result after the corruption scandals and the rush to complete the pavilions.

Significantly the Prefect of Milan was appointed by the Government as the caretaker administrator of the Municipality of Rome, and the Expo boss Giuseppe Sala will probably be the candidate for Mayor of Milan chosen by the ruling Democratic Party.

However, someone is wondering if the 20 million figure is really so thrilling. The 2010 Expo held in Shanghai was visited by more than 70 million people. Of course you cannot compare Milan with Shanghai, but even the historical Expo held in Paris in 1889 had more than 30 million visitors…

In the respected newsletter Jerome Massiani sums it up: “Few foreign visitors, many visitors from Lombardy. The related target was achieved thanks to strong discounts on the ticket price. Expo 2015 avoided being a failure thanks to the zeal of its employees. However the economic results look very modest when compared to the expectations”.


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