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Italy at odds with Libya and Israel

The Mediterranean basin is proving unfriendly to Italy, with Libya and Israel both having complaints against Rome.

The Libyan Government in Tobruk has accused the Italian Navy of violating “its” territorial waters with “three warships”. The Italian Ministry of Defense flatly denied the claim, but in the meantime an Italian cemetery in Tripoli was ransacked.

The Israeli Ambassador in Rome, Naor Gilon, stated that “he cannot in any way accept” some remarks by Carlo Tavecchio, the President of the Italian Football Federation. Mr Tavecchio told the journalist Massimo Giacomini that Jews should be “kept at bay”. During the same phone call, Mr Tavecchio added that homosexual people should be “kept far away from him” since he is “absolutely normal”.

Mr Tavecchio is well-known to be prone to politically incorrect statements.


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