Foreign relations / Security and defence

Italy could bomb Islamic State in Iraq

The Italian Government has announced that the Italian Parliament will debate whether to use the Italian Air Force to bomb the Islamic State in Iraq.

The military operations would in no case extend to Syria, where the fight against the Islamic State is made more controversial by the rivalry between Russia and the United States, as well as by the human rights record of the Syrian Government.

So far the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has stuck to the traditional pro-US stance of the Italian Governments, criticizing the military intervention by Russia. Also the Italian involvement in Iraq is allegedly been pondered after a request from the White House.

The Five Stars Movement had accused the Government of trying to send in the warplanes without involving the Parliament.

Indeed that would not be so unusual in Italy, a country in which, during the Cold War, the Government routinely handled national security matters without giving any information to the Chambers.

For example, the agreements with the United States regulating the American military installations in Italy have never been disclosed to the Parliament.

In 2013, the Supreme Defense Council bizarrely resolved that the Parliament, despite having the sole power to approve the State budget, cannot interfere with the Government decisions on military expenditures.


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