Food / Health

Italy shocked by WHO warning on “cancer-causing” meat

  You can expect everything regarding food to draw much attention in Italy, and this was the case for a report by the World Health Organization on the link between meat and cancer. According to the UN Agency, processed meats are cancer-causing and red meats are also likely to cause cancer. The announcement caused consternation in Italy, since the country … Continue reading

Foreign relations / Sport

Italy supports Rossi in Marquez row

The President of the Italian Olympic Committee, Giovanni Malagò, harshly criticized the penalty imposed by the International Motorcycling Federation to Valentino Rossi, the famous Italian racer of the Yamaha Team. Mr Rossi will be forced to start the last race of the world championship, to be held in Valencia, Spain, from the last position of the … Continue reading


Immigration triggers citizenship rules relaxation in Italy

The Italian Chamber of Deputies approved a reform of citizenship which should make easier the acquisition of the Italian citizenship by the sons of regular immigrants. If the law is approved by the Senate, the citizenship will be acquired by “jus soli” or “jus culturae”. According to the “jus soli” rule, the Italian citizenship will … Continue reading


The Italian schools could throw out unvaccinated children

The Italian Ministry of Health could issue an Order forbidding school from enrolling children which did not take the compulsory vaccinations. Moreover, medics advising patients against taking such vaccinations could be subject to sanctions. The new measures under consideration were announced by Ranieri Guerra, the Director-General for Prevention of the Ministry. An alarming decrease in the vaccination rate … Continue reading


The agony of Berlusconi’s party

Mario Mantovani, the Deputy-Governor and Minister of Health of Lombardy, was arrested on Tuesday on charges of corruption, extortion and tempering with public procurement procedures. Mr Mantovani was one of the last strongmen of Berlusconi’s agonizing Go Italy party. Most of the Cavaliere’s lieutenants defected, the last one being Denis Verdini who was instrumental in … Continue reading