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Italian Minister of Education angered at wild rumors about LGBT plot in State schools

Yesterday the Italian Minister of Education Stefania Giannini warned that the Government is ready to press charges against anyone affirming that the recent school reform will expose the children to “gender theories” in the State schools. The rumors were triggered by a provision of the reform about sex education, which was further clarified by the Government … Continue reading

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Italy to establish “hotspots” for immigrants

Under strong pressure from the European Union and Germany, the Italian Minister of the Interior Angelino Alfano announced that Italy will establish its “hotspots”, id est centers where Italian and EU officials will be able to quickly separate the asylum seekers from ordinary immigrants. However, the latter will not be immediately sent back to their … Continue reading

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Are the Italian economic reforms working?

Despite some controversy over the data, various signals point at a recovery of the Italian economy. For example, the figures recently resealed by the National Social Security Institute indicate that about 700,000 new permanent jobs were created in 2015. The Democratic Party of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi will be eager to claim merit for this alleged … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ reform of the marriage nullity trials: The possible impact in Italy

Pursuant to the Concordat between Italy and the Holy See, a canonical marriage has also civil effects, and so has a canonical judgment declaring such marriage null. To obtain a judgement of this kind in the ecclesiastical forum is relatively easy, since you only need to prove that, at the moment of the marriage, you … Continue reading