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Italian 100-year-old gets compensation for WWII rape

French colonial troops deployed in Italy.

An Italian 100-year-old woman was awarded a compensation by the Italian Court of Auditors for a rape she was subjected to during WWII.

In 1944 the woman, who was then 27, was raped by French colonial troops during the Italian campaign. Colonial troops were widely used by Free France, since the French metropolitan territory was under German occupation or under the control of the pro-German Vichy Government. They proved very effective in the bitter fights on the Italian mountains, well defended by German elite units, but not equally disciplined.

There is also some suspicion that the French officers were not very worried about the welfare of the Italian civilians, but were rather willing to avenge the so-called “stab in the back”, the declaration of war delivered by Italy in 1940, when France had already collapsed after the German offensive.

Only in 1992 the woman got a war pension, and it took her lawyers some further decades to obtain a further compensation.

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