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The “migrant Republic” in Sicily

Italian riot police within the Mineo Center.

In the last year’s of WWII, Northern Italy had its “partisan Republics”, portions of territory under the control of the Resistance.
Today near Mineo, Sicily, there is a Reception Center for Asylum Seekers. Surrounded by a fence guarded by the military, it can look like a ghetto, but the reality is different. Indeed it is feared that the Authorities have completely lost control of the Center: not only nobody really knows what happens inside, but apparently the guests can go in and out at will.
So much that one of them, the Ivorian citizen Mamadou Kamara, was arrested yesterday for killing two elderly spouses during a burglary in Palagonia, near Catania.
The case quickly became political with the daughter of the victims and the leaders of the rightist parties blaming the Government for the crime.


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