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Italy braces for Jubilee

St Peter’s Holy Door.


It is a year of mayor events in Italy.

Just after the end of the Milan Expo, the Jubilee indicted in a surprise move by Pope Francis will start in December.

The Italian Authorities were not warned in advance, but this is a minor problem. The Government is afraid of being unable to properly manage the event, especially since the Municipality of Rome is in chaos after a string of judiciary scandals.

The Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was unable to force the Mayor Ignazio Marino, who belongs to Mr Renzi’s Democratic Party, to step down; Mr Marino just reshuffled his Governing Board.

The Government is now planning to partially exclude the Municipality from the control of the event, but the move could backfire and trigger a lack of cooperation from the City Authorities.

For the Jubilee to go smoothly, it will be necessary to count on the local Municipal Police and public transportation company, which were both involved in wild strikes recently.


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