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Should a dangerous female criminal be deprived of her son?

Martina Levato is a 23-year-old girl who, together with her lover Alexander Boettcher, disfigured a former boyfriend by throwing acid against his face.

When she was arrested, she was pregnant, and in the night between 14 and 15 August she gave birth to a male baby, Achille, who was immediately taken away from her mother by the Authorities.

In Italy similar situations are not managed according to a fixed rule, the Juvenile Court will rule on a case by case basis. In the Levato case, no final decision was taken, but the State prosecutor asked the Juvenile Court to put the baby up for adoption.

The families of Miss Levato and Mr Boettcher loudly protested and pointed out that Maria Anna Franzoni, a woman found guilty of killing her bay in an infamous case, was allowed to keep the custody of the victim’s siblings.


3 thoughts on “Should a dangerous female criminal be deprived of her son?

  1. did you know that (I’ve written to you before and asked to not post it because I’m not smart enough to leave it on your page – because you come across as Italian Police, good, or Italian Investigator, High End with world in good function – so…) Martina Levato, who looks correct is therefore in public response to American web link [.com] to a Jeff the Killer associated to a Jane the Killer. And the biggest Levato is actually now called Demi Lovato who is always changing her last name spellings and was made of soul parts – a now top American singer, best friend or ex-best friend of Selena Gomez. One version of Jeff the Killer died of acid on his face, but is a dead killer that kills or something. The second and third paragraph of the link brings an obsession of Thelma And Louise – also an American movie, but an old one. Why do I understand, I swear the woman is a spawn and is trying to kill me. Like for example, “Maria Anna Franzoni, is not my name – I don’t want your damn baby!” I want to scream – but I don’t know these people. ‘was allowed to keep the custody of the victim’s siblings.’ When I was young, we thought siblings meant brothers and sisters, not your children. Have you ever noticed most the people in your Italian news stories are Miss Levato or near there – like the TV woman that runs the porn?
    Okay, good luck. I like your news.

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