Renzi to face first real test in September

The Italian Parliament has just ended its summer session. It will convene again in September to restart the debate on the Government-sponsored reform of the Constitution, the finalization of which is a responsibility of the Minister of Reforms Maria Elena Boschi.

Mrs Boschi and the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, however, will have to face tough days in September. The opposition is determined to use filibustering in order to stop the reform, and it has already filled half a million amendment proposals.

But what is worse is that the left wing of the Democratic Party, which can count on dozens of senators, is ready to support the opposition on 17 amendments aiming at restoring the Senate as a directly elected body. Since the Government only narrowly controls the Senate, the “unholy alliance” between the DP left wing, the even leftist SEL party and the opposition could force the substantial change through.

Mr Renzi could retaliate by tendering his resignation to President Sergio Mattarella. However, that would be a risky move, since Mr Mattarella could then appoint a new Prime Minister. After all, the President was the preferred candidate of the left wing, and he already stated that he has no desire for “a lone man in command”, a clear allusion to Mr Renzi.


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