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Italy clamps down on discos

Italy has its own Ibiza: the Adriatic Riviera. There, beaches and discos attract young people – often underage – from Italy and abroad.

Cocoricò, in Riccione, is one of the most famous discos, and it is there that, a couple of weeks ago, a 16-year-old boy collapsed and died after assuming ecstasy. In reaction, the local Chief of Police applied an old 1933 law and shut down the place for 120 days. The shareholders complained that the decision will make Cocoricò go bankrupt, with its 200 employees losing their job; moreover the police order will not solve anything, since the drugs will still be sold elsewhere. The decision was challenged by the owners in the local Administrative Court.

However the Minister of the Interior Angelino Alfano, belonging to the conservative New Right party, did not back down. Indeed, he announced the immediate launch of a nationwide campaign to make sure that discos and dance clubs comply with the laws and rules in force.

Mr Alfano’s statement apparently did not disrupt tourism, with the sector registering better data than the previous year.



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