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Israel arrests Italian activist in the West Bank

Vittorio Fera, a 31-year-old Italian activist of the International Solidarity Movement, was arrested by the Israeli Authorities in the West Bank on Friday. Mr Fera is accused of attacking some Israeli soldiers. However, ISM denies this, and insists that he was simply filming an Israeli soldier while the latter was violently subduing a Palestinian boy. Continue reading

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Muslim Miss Italy contestant threatened

Ahlam El Brinis, an immigrant from Marocco living near Treviso, in North-Eastern Italy, will take part to the pre-final of Miss Italy in Jesolo. Just like most contestants, she is already working as a model, something posing in alluring clothes. She is a non-practicing Muslim, but that was enough to draw insults, criticism and even threats … Continue reading

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Rome’s embarrassing funerals (or lack thereof)

Funerals are becoming a nightmare for the Vicariate of Rome, the division of the Catholic Church in charge of the city of Rome under the supervision of the Bishop of Rome, id est the Pope. The Italian and international press are giving extensive coverage to the lavish funeral of Vittorio Casamonica, a boss of the local organized … Continue reading