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Is the Fiumicino airport being sabotaged?

In a few weeks a fire in a terminal, then another one in a near pinewood. In both cases the outcome was the same: the operation of the Fiumicino airport, serving the embattled city of Rome, was disrupted. And while the causes of the first fire are still under investigation, for the second the Italian park rangers have already issued their verdict: arson.

But why setting fire to a pinewood, unless you are trying to sabotage the nearby airport? It could look like a fantasy, or paranoia, if an increasingly sinister criminal underworld wasn’t gripping the capital, as showed by the recent investigations and scandals. Indeed the Prime Minister’s Office took the issue very seriously, asking for “clarification” to the Ministry of the Interior, which is charge of the police.

Anyway, if someone is really trying to sabotage Fiumicino, he is doing a good job: Alitalia, the Italian flagship airline, has just threatened to abandon the hub. Such a shocking move could be the last nail in the coffin of Rome.

To make matter worse, a blackout has hit the airport today.


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