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“Fascist” cafe assaulted by leftist activists in Bergamo

Ironically, coffee was a victim of fascism due to the international sanctions applied to Italy after the invasion of Ethiopia and the regime policy of economic self-isolation.

In Italy it is not unusual to find fascist memorabilia or gadgets, especially in the street markets, and sometimes even in newsstands.

It was only recently, however, that the public discovered the existence of a fascist-themed cafe in Bergamo, near Milan. Under the innocent name “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, the place is stuffed with fascist memorabilia, and unsurprisingly it is used as a rally point by the local members of the neo-fascist organization Casa Pound.

After a complaint filed by the local associations of former Resistance fighters, the cafe was inspected by the police, but the fascist symbols were not removed. Unsatisfied with the cautious approach by the Authorities, some unidentified leftist activists took the matter in their own hands: according to the owner, they entered the cafe, uttered threats and removed some fascist symbols before disappearing.


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