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Rome decline gets worldwide coverage

After many articles in the Italian newspapers and much exposure in the Italian TV and social networks, also the international press of the Anglosphere is putting under the spotlight the mismanagement of Rome, especially in the field of waste collection, public transportation and security.

The wave was opened by the New York Times, which attacked the Mayor Ignazio Marino, presented as a honest but weak man.

Then came the Guardian with its resident journalist John Hooper, who admitted that, despite loving Rome “deeply”, the city is getting less livable everyday.

The Economist, finally, was even less benevolent, comparing unfavorably Rome to Athens, the capital of a State on the verge of bankruptcy.

The Mayor Ignazio Marino tried to react to the tide of criticism sacking the Board of the municipal transportation company and announcing that the said company will be partly privatized. The former Mayor Francesco Rutelli commented that only an “emir under drugs” could be interested.

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