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Campidoglio and Fiumicino, the twin disasters of Rome

On May a fire erupted in Terminal 3 of the Fiumicino Airport, causing huge disruption in the functioning of the airport which serves the Italian capital. The subsequent investigation recently led the Civitavecchia District Attorney’s Office to declare the whole airport not in line with the safety norms in force and at risk of being sealed unless it becomes perfectly compliant with rules in three months.

The Campidoglio, the official seat of the Municipality of Rome, fares no better, with the Prefecture scrutinizing an inspection report which could led to the discharge of Mayor Ignazio Marino for allowing “organized crime infiltration” into his offices. According to some anticipations, Mr Marino will probably keep his job, but will be severely weakened by the report, and Prime Minister Matteo Renzi will keep pressuring him to resign. Mr Renzi wants new elections to be held in Rome in 2016, simultaneously with a scheduled referendum on the constitutional reform sponsored by his Government.


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