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Vegan diet “not dangerous for children”, says Italian Administrative Court

The Italian Regional Administrative Court for Alto Adige/Sudtirol ruled that, on the basis of the available scientific information, a vegan diet is not dangerous for a child of less than six years. The child had been expelled from a State-run kindergarten after his mother had asked the managing authorities to stick to a vegan regime … Continue reading

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Italians buying less meat: Vegetarian ethics or crisis?

For the first time, the data of the Italian Farmers’ Association showed the Italian families spending more for fruit and vegetables than for meat. The crisis still gripping Italy is probably a major factor, but an incidence of vegetarianism and new health notions cannot be excluded either. Until the Fifties, in Italy meat was a … Continue reading


Italian diver Tania Cagnotto wins World Championship gold

After so many victories, the Italian diver Tania Cagnotto has won her first gold medal at the World Championships in Kazan, Russia, finally beating the nearly unstoppable Chinese athletes. No Italian athlete had won a gold medal at the Swimming World Championships since 1975. Miss Cagnotto is the daughter of two swimming champions, Giorgio Cagnotto … Continue reading

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“Fascist” cafe assaulted by leftist activists in Bergamo

In Italy it is not unusual to find fascist memorabilia or gadgets, especially in the street markets, and sometimes even in newsstands. It was only recently, however, that the public discovered the existence of a fascist-themed cafe in Bergamo, near Milan. Under the innocent name “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, the place is stuffed with fascist memorabilia, … Continue reading