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Italian Region clamps down on mosques

The Governor of Lombardy Roberto Maroni.

Lombardy, the richest and most powerful Region of Italy, after passing a controversial law severely limiting the opening of mosques is now harshly enforcing it after the recent terrorist attacks in Tunisia.

The Governor Roberto Maroni, who belongs to the rightist Northern League party, stated that even the North African country is shutting down some of its mosques, so Lombardy should be entitled to do the same; and indeed more than ten mosques were sealed in the regional territory.

The central Government challenged the regional law in the Constitutional Court, but while the proceedings are pending the law will remain valid and binding unless it is provisionally suspended by the Court.

Recently the Court forbade the Venetian, another important Region ruled by the Northern League, to hold a referendum on its independence, but allowed it to hold another vote on its administrative powers, despite the fact that the powers of the Regions are set by the national Parliament.


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