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Italian Region clamps down on mosques

Lombardy, the richest and most powerful Region of Italy, after passing a controversial law severely limiting the opening of mosques is now harshly enforcing it after the recent terrorist attacks in Tunisia. The Governor Roberto Maroni, who belongs to the rightist Northern League party, stated that even the North African country is shutting down some … Continue reading

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The international crises and the Italian budget

With terrorist attacks in France and Tunisia, adding to the difficult situation in Libya and in the Sicily Channel, Italy is feeling increasingly under siege. Politically, the situation favored the rightist parties, in particular Matteo Salvini’s Northern League, but there are more practical and immediate consequences: the State budget. The Minister of Defense Roberta Pinotti … Continue reading

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France “tempering with Monte Bianco border”

In the days of the controversy with France over the latter’s decision to seal the Ventimiglia border in order to avoid any passage of immigrants, Italy rediscovered an old controversy related to the demarcation of the Monte Bianco border. The issue dates back to the XIX century. It is a quite surreal history which includes … Continue reading


Church Synod to reconsider the position of divorced Catholics

The Holy See made public the Instrumentum Laboris (working document) approved by the Bishops’ Synod in view of the prosecution of its works. The most significant paragraphs of the controversial document are related to the condition of divorced Catholics, who are currently unable to receive the Sacraments. The document starts from a more accurate analysis of … Continue reading

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Italian Parliament debates right of unrecognized children to know their mother

In Italy a woman has the right to give birth anonymously without recognizing her child. It is the modern (and safer) version of the old “wheels” which were installed outside monasteries to collect anonymously unwanted children. The secret over the mother’s identity is guaranteed for one hundred years, but more and more people are challenging this … Continue reading