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Counter-Mafia Parliamentary Committe criticizes Renzi’s candidates

Rosy Bindi, the President of the Committee. Ironically, she belongs to Mr Renzi’s Democratic Party.

Tomorrow local elections will be held in some Italian regions, including strategic ones like the Venetian.

Yesterday the Counter-Mafia Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, pursuant to previously adopted Ethical Code, published a list of candidates whose criminal record is not clear.

The list includes Vincenzo De Luca, the Mayor of Salerno who is also Prime Minister Renzi’s candidate for the Governorship of Campania.

The Committee is headed by Rosy Bindi, who is a member of Mr Renzi’s Democratic Party but belongs to an internal faction hostile to the Prime Minister. Mrs Bindi was accused of using her position to damage her own Party and the Government, and of public defaming the interested candidates without allowing them a defense and, in some case, without waiting for the outcome of their trial.

However, Mr De Luca’s nomination had been embarrassing since the beginning, and nobody objected to the Ethical Code when it was adopted.



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