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Italian parties race to claim Podemos’ success in Spain

For the Italians, Italy is the center of the world. Not even a US citizen will be so ready to interpret anything happening in the globe in relation to the local politics of his country.

After the victory of Podemos in the Spanish local elections, the leader of the Northern League party Matteo Salvini, who as a rightist is supposed to dislike the Spanish movement, praised the Spanish result as a “hammer blow to Europe”.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi went so far as to compare his very mainstream Democratic Party to Podemos, since both are in his opinion “a third way between austerity and populism”.

The former Communist leader Fausto Bertinotti, a hardliner who torpedoed Romano Prodi’s Government and who is often compared to Mr Renzi’s leftist adversaries, stated that Italy needs its own Podemos, too.

Even the Spanish winners apparently felt the Italian pressure, since they distanced themselves from Beppe Grillo’s Five Stars Movement.


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