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The cursed Italian highway

Highway A3, a part of the famous “Sunny Highway” which was the symbol of the Italian recovery after World World II, connects Naples to Reggio Calabria.

The section connecting Salerno to Reggio Calabria was given the green light by the Government in 1963 and was officially completed ten years later, but the result was a narrow street rather than anything similar to a highway.

Then has begun an uninterrupted series of amelioration and consolidation works which are still ongoing, transforming the “highway” into an infamous hell for drivers, who have become resigned to queue for hours, often in the unrelenting heat of Southern Italy.

Since the “highway” crosses a territory which is dominated by the organized crime, the works are tightly monitored by the Authorities, and construction sites are sometimes guarded by the police.

In sum, the Salerno-Reggio Calabria “highway” is a national shame which Prime Minister Matteo Renzi promised to cancel by 2016 with the full completion of all the required works.


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