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Italian students boycott evaluation tests

In 2007 a law introduced in Italy national standardized evaluation tests to assess the functionality of every single State school. The teachers and the students never liked the tests which they do not consider an adequate tool to rank schools and students. For some, the idea of “ranking” schools is wrong in itself.

This year the school system is particularly restive after Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s Government presented a comprehensive reform package dubbed “the Good School” which prompted thousands of teachers and students to take the streets.

As a further sign of pretest, some students boycotted the national evaluation tests, typically by writing mocking answers and sharing them on the social networks. The Minister of Education Stefania Giannina labeled the boycott as “unacceptable” and stated that the test took place regularly in 80 per cent of the classes.

However Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, usually an accurate reader of the national mood, looks unusually open to the protests and the suggestions from the vast school universe. The reason is pretty obvious. If you sum the number of teachers, students and members of their families, you get huge numbers, and the regional elections are approaching…


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