Berlusconi’s party without cash and votes

On 31 May important local elections will be held in Italy, but already this weekend some sizable Municipalities voted to elect their Mayors.

The results were good for all the parties, but Mr Berlusconi’s one, which scored disastrous single-digit figures. The Cavaliere has completed his community work term but he never fully restarted its political activity, and without him what was dubbed “the monarchical party” is in tatters, with Matteo Salvini’s Northern League aiming at taking command of the entire right and internal factions struggling for power and possibly succession.

To make matters worse, the coffins of the party are empty after public pressure forced the Parliament to drastically cut public financing to political organizations. Mr Berlusconi appears unwilling to invest in a party which dared mutinying. According to data compulsorily made public by the party, relatively small sums were donated by Mr Berlusconi’s sons.


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