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Berlusconi’s sale: Redoubt or new strategy?

In the last months of the Italian Social Republic, Mussolini ordered to prepare a “Republican Alpine Redoubt” in Valtellina to make a last stand against the Allies. In the end, he never reached it but instead attempted to escape to Switzerland before being apprehended by the Italian Resistance and executed nearly on the spot.

Today Berlusconi is selling to foreign investors large parts of its empire, including its football team, and many think that he is trying to prepare a redoubt… but for what? For a last stand or to resist? Redoubts can be used for the latter scope, too. For example, during World War II, Switzerland prepared a National Redoubt to be used in the event of a German invasion.

Finally, you cannot rule out the possibility that the Cavaliere is willing to strike back. Its empire is no more at its apex, but it is still very prized, and it is estimated that, even keeping for himself the control of the core, Mr Berlusconi will cash five billion euros. Such a sum, in an era in which politics are more and more dominated by financial power, could turn the tables, or at least stabilize the situation.

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