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Counter-Mafia Parliamentary Committe criticizes Renzi’s candidates

Tomorrow local elections will be held in some Italian regions, including strategic ones like the Venetian. Yesterday the Counter-Mafia Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, pursuant to previously adopted Ethical Code, published a list of candidates whose criminal record is not clear. The list includes Vincenzo De Luca, the Mayor of Salerno who is also … Continue reading

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Italian judge orders woman to serve meat to her son “at least once a week”

A judge in Bergamo was forced to rule on the diet of a child after a harsh disagreement between his divorced parents. The mother, with whom the child lives, follows a strict macrobiotic regime and was refusing to give any meat to the boy. The father, with whom the child spends his weekends, abides to … Continue reading

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25 May was Europe’s “Black Monday”, says Prodi

Romano Prodi, the former Italian Prime Minister and former President of the European Commission, was interviewed by Aldo Cazzullo for the Corriere della Sera on the current European political situation. Mr Prodi was not optimistic, calling yesterday the “Black Monday” of Europe in consideration of the worsening Greek crisis, the outcome of the elections in … Continue reading

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Are the Pope and his prelates playing good cop, bad cop?

The Vatican secretary of State Pietro Parolin commented the Irish referendum on gay marriage in Apocalyptic tones, labeling it as a “defeat for all mankind”. The Pope, who is considered somehow sympathetic to LGBT rights, remained silent. If Cardinal Parolin’s words had come from another prelate, the press would have presented them as yet another … Continue reading

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Italian parties race to claim Podemos’ success in Spain

For the Italians, Italy is the center of the world. Not even a US citizen will be so ready to interpret anything happening in the globe in relation to the local politics of his country. After the victory of Podemos in the Spanish local elections, the leader of the Northern League party Matteo Salvini, who as a rightist … Continue reading

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Irish referendum puts pressure on Italy

After the Irish referendum legalizing gay marriage, the Italian Minister of Reforms Maria Elena Boschi hopes that the Parliament will start debating the Bill introducing civil partnerships for people of the same sex after the regional elections scheduled for 31 May. Oddly enough the Bill, if approved, would apply only to gay couples, leaving heterosexual couples in … Continue reading

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“Tunis massacre terrorist” arrested in Milan

Yesterday the Italian police arrested in Milan Abdel Majid Touil, a Tunisian citizen suspected of taking part to the Tunis massacre on 18 March, when a commando opened fire against foreign tourists leaving on the ground also some Italian victims. Mr Touil arrived in Italy illegally by boat across the Sicily Channel. If his role in the … Continue reading

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The Italian pensions: Back and forth, back and forth…

In 2011, when Italy looked on the verge of bankruptcy, the first significant act of Mario Monti’s technocratic Government was to enact the Fornero Law which introduced much more stringent requirements to go into retirement. Obviously there were some collateral effects with enterprises forced to keep on their payroll aged employees who in many cases … Continue reading