Foreign relations / Security and defence

Sicily Channel crisis, UN say no to EU approach

In an interview to the Italian newspaper La Stampa, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon criticized the “Somali approach” adopted by the EU Council to tackle the Sicily Channel emergency.

Mr Ban stated: “No military solution exists for the human tragedy that is taking place in the Mediterranean. It is crucial to adopt a comprehensive approach taking into consideration the root causes, the safety and the human rights of immigrants and refugees, as well as the establishment of legal and regular immigration channels”.

Mr Ban implied, however, that Italy should be helped not only by the European Union, but by the whole international community: “The size of the challenge requires a global and comprehensive global response. I am strongly convinced that the international community shares a responsibility”.

Mr Ban’s appeal, however, looks likely to fall on deaf ears. In this moment you simply can’t see a scenario in which the whole international community takes an interest in what is happening in the Mediterranean, with the United States drifting more and more East of Suez. Even within the European Union mutual responsibility is at its lowest in the era of the twin crises in the Sicily Channel and in Greece.


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