Foreign relations / Security and defence

Italy discovers that all of its drones are unarmed

After much talk on what to do with Libya and the Sicily Channel, the Italian Air Force made known that, if it will be ordered to bomb the Libyan ports, it will have to use airplanes since all of its UAVs are unarmed. And no, to convert them is not so easy, it would take at least one year.

It is surprising that Italy lacks a weapon which has been the protagonist of the war on terror. It is a situation reminiscent of World War II when Italy, after building sizable armed forces, found itself without a single aircraft carrier because, in the opinion of the High Command, “Italy was a natural aircraft carrier itself”.

Meanwhile Silvio Berlusconi announced that it will limit its public appearances after being informed that he is a target of the Islamic State. However, Mr Berlusconi could actually be restrained by his age and an unwillingness to take part to an electoral campaign which will prove very difficult for his party.


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