Foreign relations / Religion

Pope Francis: Revolution or maquillage?

Just after the rejection of a gay Ambassador designated by France by his Roman Curia, Pope Francis attacked the “gender ideology” labeling it a symptom of “frustration”.

This should not be entirely a surprise: the Catholic doctrine on homosexual acts is clear and, being based on dogmatic elaborations, it is unlikely to change. Nor anybody should expect the Holy See to change its entire doctrine just to embrace modernity.

However, one could wonder if the new Pope is really trying to do at least what is allowed by the rules binding even the Pontiff. The reform of the Vatican financial administration and of the pastoral approach to the family issues look like a work in progress at best. A tax transparency agreement was made with Italy, but this should probably be put in the wider framework of the world siege to fiscal havens.

The high-ranking prelates which have embarrassed the Holy See with their lavish spending or mismanagement have not suffered consequences.

Are the Popes hostages of the Roman machinery? After all, Pope Benedict XVI resigned under unclear circumstances, and Italians are still scratching their heads over the death of Pope John Paul I after just thirty-three days on Saint Peter’s throne.


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