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The national security implications of a shootout in the Tribunal of Milan

Yesterday a man who had been declared bankrupt by the Court (despite recent reforms, bankruptcy in Italy is still considered a calamity rather than a protection) entered the Milan Court Building presenting a fake Bar ID card and shot a judge, a lawyer and a witness before being arrested by the police.

The Tribunal of Milan is the most important in Italy. The Italian Stock Exchange is in Milan, not in Rome. The Milan District Attorney’s Office started the Clean Hands scandal. And yet a man who was not a trained terrorist, but a bankrupt entrepreneur, was able to enter with a gun.

This raised some eyebrows in a country which is going to host an International Exposition and the Jubilee recently announced by the Pope.

However, Court buildings should not be taken as a reliable indicator of the level of security in Italy. They have been neglected for decades due to the chronic underfunding of the Ministry of Justice, which in turn is sometimes attributed to the stormy relationship between judicial and political authorities in Italy. The cold war between the judiciary and the legislative and executive branch is usually considered part of Mr Berlusconi’s political heritage, but the situation did not improve much under Mr Renzi.


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