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The Italian park rangers: Glamour, sci-fi and dissolution

The Italian Forestry Corps is an independence police corps responding to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests. Its park rangers patrol wood and parks, enforce laws protecting animals and perform various other duties. They are full-fledged law enforcement officials with the power to arrest, search, etc., provided of course that the legal conditions are met.

Their romantic aura led the Italian State TV to produce and air a TV series loosely portraying the Corps, “One step from the sky”.

If you don’t like TV series, you can have science fiction. The press recently revealed that some park rangers reported the sighting in the woods of supernatural creatures like fairies and trolls.

The magic, however, did not impress the Government, which announced that the Corps will be absorbed into the State Police in order to save money. Some environmental NGOs protested against the disbanding, however, and it is not certain that the Government will have the nerve to order it.


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