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Ferrero most influential Italian company worldwide

According to a report by Deloitte, Ferrero is the most influential Italian company worldwide, ranking 77 in the international Top 100. Founded in 1946, Ferrero is a virtuous example of the typical Italian “family capitalism”, being still owned by the Ferrero clan. Also its sector is very Italian: food and beverages. According to your perspective, … Continue reading

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The regionalisation of the Italian National Health Service

The Italian National Health Service was established in the Seventies to put an end to the previous system based on mutual insurance under which people belonging to different professional categories had different health rights. Despite its name, the National Health Service is not very national since it is largely managed by the Regional Governments under … Continue reading

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Church, State… and the Milan Expo

Who is more important in Italy? The Prime Minister or the Pope? Because the former likes Expo, the latter does not. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi enthusiastically announced that 10 million tickets have already been sold, a record amount. Instead the Pope, according to the Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano, was irritated by the high sum invested by … Continue reading

Foreign relations / Security and defence

Sicily Channel crisis, UN say no to EU approach

In an interview to the Italian newspaper La Stampa, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon criticized the “Somali approach” adopted by the EU Council to tackle the Sicily Channel emergency. Mr Ban stated: “No military solution exists for the human tragedy that is taking place in the Mediterranean. It is crucial to adopt a comprehensive approach taking … Continue reading

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Italy’s internal and external front

With the Sicily Channel in flames, a counter-terrorism operation underway in many provinces and an Italian relief worker killed by a US drone, there can be little doubt that Italy is on the forefront. In these cases you would need some internal cohesion, which unsurprisingly is lacking. The relationship of the Government with the opposition and … Continue reading

Foreign relations / Security and defence

Sicily Channel, was Letta’s approach really so wrong?

After ousting Prime Minister Enrico Letta, Matteo Renzi called back Operation Mare Nostrum, a massive naval search-and-rescue operation in the Sicily Channel. The choice of the name of the operation was not very wise, since “Mare Nostrum” was the slogan adopted by the fascist Government during its attempt to establish an Italian hegemony over the … Continue reading